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Preventing Window Condensation with Proper Ventilation Strategies

Building managers have a tough task when it comes to handling things like window condensation. Though a relatively small problem in theory, the issue becomes more pressing at large locations where many windows are present. 

Why Facility Complexes Need Centralized Facility Management

When it comes to houses or small businesses, it can be easy to handle single, one-off maintenance needs by calling in the appropriate professionals as necessary - but things are a bit different at facility complexes. While any given part of a complex may have its own unique needs, more facility managers are seeking to establish facility-wide standards in terms of quality of service, budgeting, scheduling, and other factors.

The (Many) Rules of High-Rise Window Cleaning in Ontario

Ontario is known for having a particularly high amount of regulatory measures in place when it comes to high-rise cleaning, so knowing exactly what to look for in a contractor is important for building managers to stay in compliance with local laws.

Exterior Vent Cleaning Affects Your Building in These 3 Ways

For a building owner, keeping tenants happy is at the very top of their priority list. The occupants of the building are how a residential or commercial building owner is able to keep their investment profitable. However, there are plenty of unfortunate cases where building owners don’t do everything they should be to keep their tenants safe and happy, which inevitably ends up with decreased renewals and loss of rental income.

Your Tenants Know a Clean Office Boosts Productivity - Are You Delivering?

Those who own office buildings and rent them out to businesses need to be sure they are still providing the right level of care for the establishment. Keeping a clean office building is important for not only the building’s owner or property management service, but also for the companies that are currently renting the offices. People who are working in the office may get so busy that they don’t have time to clean up after themselves--and they shouldn’t have to. The person who owns or manages the building should be making sure that it remains clean at all times. When the employees of that business are able to be productive, they will get more work done, make the company more profitable and help them feel comfortable renewing their lease when the time comes.

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Our Valued Clients

The young men I dealt with when I hired Gold Standard to wash my house windows and clean the eaves troughs were very polite and professional, from the initial meeting with Alon P. to the two men who did the work (Doug and Andre). On top of that, they did a great job!

Milton Location
April 2016

I just had my windows cleaned today June 30/16. The gentlemen names are James & Corey, they did a fantastic job of my windows.
I would recommend them a lot. I gave them a 5 star rating.

June 30, 2016

My windows looked brand new and the price was affordable and reasonable. I would not hesitate to use your services again.

Plus the work you did on the gutters was super. I really don't trust my knees to get up their anymore. We've noticed since your work that rain runoff is not pooling like before because the gutters are finally working fine.

Sept 22, 2016
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