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Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Our Window Cleaning Services in Edmonton are the Best! 

How many times have you had a service come in to clean your home only to find out they don’t do windows? You’ll never hear that from Gold Standard. One call is all it takes to arrange for a team to visit your home and make sure those windows shine. Here are some of the ways we’ll take care of you. 

The Right Cleaning Products 

We know what it takes to remove any type of residue from glass surfaces. Our team is also trained in how to take care of facings and frames composed of wood, metal, or vinyl. Before we begin cleaning, our professionals examine the windows, identify the right products to use, and then get to work. 

This means there will be no streaking, no tiny spots left unattended, and no film left by the cleaning products. Once we’re done, the only thing that’s left is glass that looks as if it was installed yesterday. 

All the Necessary Equipment 

If you had the right equipment to clean the windows yourself, you wouldn’t be calling a service. Our Edmonton team has all the resources needed to professionally clean windows of all sizes and shapes. It doesn’t matter if you have a single story structure or one that sports several floors. Rest assured that we’ll show up with everything needed to get the job done. 

We Do It Safely 

Our equipment goes beyond the resources needed to make those windows gleam. Every member of our team is trained in how to make use of the right safety gear for any job. Whether attempting to reach a window that is located in a hard-to-reach spot or cleaning the windows on a belfry, we know what type of equipment is needed to do the job responsibly and safely. 

Have Different Types of Windows? 

Do you have a combination of window styles and types that need cleaning? No problem. We can deal with single panes, double panes, and even stained glass windows with ease. Each window will receive the attention needed to ensure it’s spotless before we leave. 

When you call Gold Standard, you can cross off window cleaning in Edmonton from your list of things to do. Contact us today at (403) 879-4150 and arrange for a team to take care of the windows. After you see the results of that first visit, there will never be any question about who to call when the windows need cleaning again.